Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trying out a couple of nearby spots I've had my eye on:

sophia's field colllage uncroppedmila's field collage

ps DSC_0354Ps DSC_0315
ps DSC_0145681 collage
ps DSC_0090


Sarie said...

I love every single photo on this entire blog. Every single one. You have a wonderful, useful talent! And p.s.,, how you had the energy to take your camera with you to supertarget, I have no idea.

Alysa said...

Okay, loving the photo blog. How cool. Thanks for opening it up. I didn't know you had one. You are so great at taking photos and you take the types of photos I LOVE!! You're amazing Lillie!

alliehoopes said...

Are you KIDDING me? I'm truly jealous of those. Way to go. You did it. I was ready to go find a tutu and head out right then except for I remembered that my kids would cry since it's too cold outside and any available fields are covered in dirty snow.

You figured out the trick though. Evanston is not pretty. Even old Main St. is not pretty. It's junky and old. But if you only show nice little interesting spots you fool everyone. Same with dirty houses. I can just scoot my crap over a few feet and no one will ever know.

Alysa said...

The pictures show up great on my computer. The pictures are so awesome! When can I meet you there with my kids?

Sandy said...

Who knew you had a photo blog? Gorgeous, Lillie. Sarie is right -you are extremely talented.

Jenie said...

I loved the ones in front of the truck, the ones on the chair, the ones in their tutus - let's just say that I Love ALL of them!!!Again, Fantastic job, Lillie!!!!!

-Bailey D.