Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The B Family--- Coachella Valley Family Photographer

I'm pretty sure this post is going to make Ross get all "I want a boy to play basketball with" and "I want a boy to go to Priesthood with" and "I want a boy to throw the football around with... whaa whaa whaa." ;)

Just kidding. But really... there's something pretty cool about a grown-son with his dad. Like in his eyes you see 'you did well' and in HIS eyes you see 'I did alright'... something special.

And this mama... a mama of four boys that she started having 19 years ago! Can you believe it? ... I know... can a get a whoo whoo?!
I may have been the most excited for Ty to pull out this cowboy hat he picked up at Stagecoach last Saturday... and it did NOT disappoint me.
Let the boys be boys!
It's views like this last one over The Tradition (a GORGEOUS country club out here) that make me realize why people LOVE this desert I live in. It's because it's NOT the same desert I live in. 13 minutes away and not a bit of dust in the air or a double-wide in sight. Just buy me one of these houses Ross, and I could totally live here forever. ;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

M x 4

These are the m-girls. McKayla, Madison, Maya, and Monterey. The oldest used to be in my little 10-year-old primary class... I can't believe she's a little teenager now! I love this family because I've been feeling very UN baby-hungry lately and I think... I could just do it like the C's and have these two for a little while and then another set of two later. We're thinking that's the plan. Ross would like the next ones to be boys... but after seeing these sisters in action, I wouldn't mind four of a kind.

Maya was my little ham. Every time I asked... "ok who wants to do one here against this wall?" She'd jump to the task-- I was sure I'd have way more of her than the other girls but I underestimated just how many funny faces she made!.... I hope you get a serious one of her that makes the wall Lis! (but secretly I think you should just frame this series --- that girl's got some serious personality!)

Here's a little more of it...

I know... those freckles are to DIE for.
This was toward the end when Maya got the worst growing pains in her hands and feet. It was heartbreaking... since she still wanted to smile and be good for the camera but then when we stopped she just cried.... oh it broke my heart.

but it was too cute to not snap a photo of. :(