Monday, December 28, 2009

Kim + Tyler = Benton

This is my friend, Brooke's brother and his darling family. Mom, Dad, and baby.... such a fun and uncomplicated dynamic for photos.

Hey Kim, while writing this, the photo above is cropped right below the nose.... uhh..... COLGATE smile? For reals.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Baby Naming Celebration!

This was more beautiful than a lot of weddings I've been to. Wow. I couldn't have been happier when I entered the ballroom--- a whole wall of windows, a beautiful spread of goodies WITH labels. And lots of huggy, happy, gorgeous people.

Oh and TONS of chocolate. You can imagine how hard it was for me to stay focused with the chocolate table wafting it's delicious smells at me the whole time!

This is Keren-Dee and her beautiful baby girl of about 2 weeks. Photographing these tiny mamas is really starting to give me a complex. Not everyone needs an extra 40 pounds to nurse? What? .... (yes, that's what I told myself.)

I made them yell something here... I can't remember what--- but that explains the faces, but I still liked it. So alive. Oh my --- I loved this guy and his hat. I bolted over to his table when I spotted him... Oh the ceremony. I had never been to a Jewish ceremony like this and I was so moved by it all. It was just so extraordinary and beautiful--- so full of tradition and history. So many people involved. They spoke, the whole room sang, and then they broke a gorgeous loaf of braided bread to share. So much symbolism, so much support and love.... really amazing.

It's so fun to witness and document an event where so many people are genuinely enjoying themselves--- while happening to have rad hair.

Thanks Keren-Dee!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The D Fam

I could not have been more excited when Jenie booked the pictures for her fam---

I was just about to explain why, but then I remembered you already saw a photo of them and their doll-faces above-- and don't want to insult you by assuming you need further explanation.Seriously-- doll faces. Brittany- one of my darling babysitters around the corner.Bailey: One of my darling Activity Day girls...

My favorite thing about this photo is Carson's face- and of course Bailey's perfect "Toyota" jump. I'm always asking them if they're best friends yet. They say no, but I don't believe them. They look like they are--- the whole family looks like they are, for real. Ask anyone who knows them and they will attest--- REMARKABLE amount of love and tenderness in this family. I was SO honored to try and capture it in photos. (And I didn't mind that they all have flawless button noses and smiley eyes.)And ONE awesome missing tooth.
I think Jenie wanted Bailey to hide these babies... sorry Jenie, we just had to get one for keeps. So festive. And SO Bailey.

There are few things in life as tender to me as a daddy and his daughter. And ..........I appreciate that Cody gives Ross hope. Two girls FOLLOWED by a boy...

and then of course another girl. But still.

Again with these blasted grey borders on my collages. Didn't notice 'till I uploaded and I am NOT starting over. Apologies. ;)

Me: "Ummm.... how about... jump on his back!

... not you Cody!"

I love this family.