Monday, November 23, 2009

J Fam

One of the best parts of this job(?) is getting to know people like these. This is a family I'd never met, and by the end I was hoping for a dinner-invite. Just kidding, Anna.... really. But seriously... such a cute couple, with such sweet kids... you could see the comfort and love between ALL of them.

And of course I was in heaven as soon as I realized Anna was TOTALLY laughy. Thanks Anna.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The H. Family- Lillie Biesinger: Coachella Valley Family Photographer

Back in my pre-baby days, I worked at the Marriott with both Allison and her husband, Anthony. Only he wasn't her husband then. He was this cute, skinny bell-boy (right Anthony?), and she was this darling front-desk girl that managed to pull off the awful aloha shirt and red-blazer and always had a cute bob that made me want to cut my hair. Now they're all grown up, and he's all big and husband slash daddy like, and she's all gorgeous and LONG-haired which made me hate myself for cutting mine.... I just can't win.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Mads--- Lillie Biesinger: Coachella Valley Family Photographer

Andrea is my age I think? And she has these FOUR beautiful kids! AND... looks like that. I know right?
Three handsome boys and one little princess. One little princess we watched trip and fall in slow motion and bloody her little tiny nose. Yup--- it was awful... luckily we'd gotten a good chunk of the photos done, and mama's fruity lip-gloss all to herself (seen in the first photo) made her happy as pie.
Thanks Andrea and fam--- for the blue eyes, and the hair, and the orange, and the smiles, and the boots-- and for brushing it off like it was nothing when Alivia busted her nose... you're pros.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The B's-- Lillie Biesinger: Coachella Valley Family Photographer

Teenage B- Madi, is my sitter--- oh WHAT would I do without her? She knows my kids and house so well, it's ok that I'm always scatter brained when I'm getting ready for a date and can't think of anything I should tell her. She doesn't need it! I come home to sleeping kids and a clean house EVERY time. And this is Kate, one of Sophia's best friends, and class-mates. We love her and those big browns. And this is her kitty. In most of the pictures she was hiding her between her knees or behind her back so she didn't have to let her go for even a moment. So sweet. I'm in love with this expression... I want to frame it on MY wall! It's like a fresh, new popeye. Meet Austin.
Oh I'm loving this new job/hobby--- so many beautiful faces to capture. Thanks Julie!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The W's-- Lillie B- Coachella Valley Family Photographer

One of the things that takes up WAY more time than it should is choosing photos to post after editing a shoot--- this is why I've done a couple of thumbnail collages... should have done it this time. It's 12:20 and I'm not even sure which ones I've chosen now.... just some random faves.... but you can't really go wrong with this family of FIVE gorgeous kids. OH how I love this family. Alysa (mom) is one of those women you hope to have around you forever just so you can try your best to trip and stumble your way through her footsteps. Such an example.

And how about these ties? I would SO order some for my boys if I had any... I think she found them on etsy somewhere... made of Amy Butler fabrics. So cute right?
And the laughing--- SO for real. She's a laughy one--- I always new she'd be fun to photograph because of that--

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Dubyas. Lillie Biesinger: Coachella Valley Family Photographer

Did you notice her arms... look again. I want to photoshop them into all of my photos from now on. (Said as I just finished up my 10:30 bowl of icecream and corn chex-- One of the many reasons I'm never going to have those arms.)
Thanks Amy!... for having a darling family and all.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Laney and Riley- Lillie Biesinger: Coachella Valley Chidren's photographer

I know right? Watch out little boys in their future. HEART breakers.