Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mike and Mel in Laguna

This is my gorgeous sister, Melisa-- and fam. While we attempted photos... WITH my kids in tow and no Ross, a seagull pooped on Mel, the ocean almost pummeled Ivy, Mila screamed for juice for like 15 minutes straight throwing her face down in the sand, a rogue wave attacked ONLY the 12 feet of sand that OUR STUFF covered and almost swept away my camera bag along with all of Mel's stuff.... and they still smiled for my camera. This is what I love about photography. We'll tell whatever story we choose, thanks.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Payton 6 months- Lillie Biesinger- Coachella Valley Baby Photographer

Oh-- this doll face kills me. This is her third shoot with me and each time she gets even more beautiful... would it be so bad if I stuck a flower on my baby (boy's) head every now and then?

Christmas Cards!

I know it's only August! But the holidays start sneaking up SO quickly.... and I promised myself I'd get some Christmas cards up this year in case anyone wanted the whole burden taken care of in one swoop. Schedule your family shoot and choose your card... Here they are.

My husband pointed out that maybe I should do some more traditional Christmas colors... But I just couldn't bring myself to. But that doesn't mean I can't make a couple of custom color changes for you.... I'm just so drawn to my favorite colors. :)

Also-- we can adapt whatever you like into a baby announcement, or some other kind of card you might need.

These are all 5x7 flat cards, front and back design. They will be printed on a high-quality, pearlized card stock. We can add in whatever personalized text you'd like. They come in sets of 25. If you know you'd like a folded 5x7, some other size, or even a fancy shmancy trifold (my FAVORITE) ... let me know and we can design you one if I haven't already gotten around to it. Inquire about prices if you're interested!

And there you have it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Kate at 3 months

Do you remember this little girl as a newborn? She didn't enjoy my camera so much back then.... but at three months--- this little bundle was a dream....