Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scrabble Pendant Anyone?

681 ps DSC_0290 681 ps DSC_0069 cp 681 PS faves2 681 ps DSC_0089 681 PS faves1 681 ps DSC_0102
681 PS faves3 681 PS faves4
681 PS faves6 681 PS faves5

Remember when I shot their individual pendants for their etsy shop? They needed a few more of them working etc... since they're growing like crazy! They're selling them in bulk now to local stores, and I'm pretty sure Stef said they were in some Chinese magazine. They're big time! Congrats Mark and Stef... hope a few more photos help your THRIVING business. :)


Lizzie said...

I love the bottom middle one. Looks awesome.

Rachelle said...

Wow...they they look sooo cool and professional and Mark and Steph look so great. This might seem kind of silly because of the subject matter, but I'd have to say that I think that this is one of your hippest shoots as far as angles (and I don't really know what I'm talking about) go. I just really think it's a cool one!
And btw...I don't agree that you have to know everything about your camera to deserve upgrading, especially when we both started at the bottom and you're going pro-baby!

Sarie said...

Great photos. And how TIGHT is your header? I want one please. I vaguely looked how to make a collage like that and I couldn't figure it out... but I'm sure it's easy, right? Love it.

Attic Gal Rachelle said...

Great! I love it! Steph and Mark look like they are having so much fun! And fun to look at too!

shawni said...

Hey Lillie, these are gorgeous shots! I love how you captured so much. You asked me about what I use, and I'm curious as to what you use too. I have a D200 and I used to use my 50mm as my main lens. But then I got a 17-55 2.8 lens and I fell in love with it so much that I rarely shoot with anything else.
I use Lightroom for editing and I don't use actions. Maybe I should try them because so many people love them, but I kinda like to do my own thing. I mostly experiment with the exposure, the blacks and the contrast. Do you use Lightroom too or mostly just Photoshop? Any great tricks you want to share?
It's fun to look at your blog because I'm missing photography right now. I'm taking a break for a year since it was kind of taking over my life. I LOVE it though. Thanks so much for saying hi on my blog.