Thursday, August 6, 2009

Locked Out

Bummer my personal blog is being reviewed by blogger to make sure it's not a "spam blog"--- what the heck? I feel so discrimated against. :)


Sarie said...

Well it's not a spam blog, I could tell them that myself. You? Spam? Hm, no. That's just rude.

Anonymous said...

That happened to me once too. Just as I got the "thorough" search at airport check-in once. Sometimes a girl just feels like she has a target on her back.

Maria and Ross said...

So my whole family is coming to town the weekend of October 16th. We are wanting to get family pictures on the beach. There are 25 total, 14 kiddos. Could I get a price from you? We love having our new pictures up on the wall!!!