Monday, October 26, 2009

The B Family- Lillie Biesinger: Coachella Valley Family Photographer

This is Xavier... he was so happy and OBEDIENT--- There's nothing like the genuine smile of a child. What a doll.
And this is Heather, and these are her shoes. GORGEOUS right? The both of them? That smile, that coloring... oh I could have taken pictures of her all day--

Thanks Heather! It was so fun to finally meet you in person! Hope I didn't embarrass you too much with the snakes in my hair...


TnD said...

Beautiful photos Lillie and that is one lucky husband, his wife is beautiful.

mWm said...

I am so bummed CJ and I didn't get to see you and your snake hair!!

How much fun is Xavier though? I love that kid!!!