Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Her dress is from Anthropologie--- just in case you wonder, 'cause you will.

OH--- this boy killed me with his big lips and his vans and his tie. Thanks for sharing Sara. :)


Brandon or Michelle said...

gorgeous. beautiful couple, and that boy! so beautiful.

how are you managing to continue on with a dynamic, successful business despite being a fabulous mommy of almost 3? incredible. inspiring.

as are these pictures. inspiring. thanks for the happiness.

Happy said...

WOW, so gorgeous! The family too, but I mean your pictures! WOW! I love love the sun in them, SOOO pretty!

Jenie said...

I LOVE, LOVE the one where she is holding up her little boy and she's looking to the side....she looks absolutely beautiful and you can see the light in her eyes. So beautiful of both of them but a truly perfect picture. I want to frame that one and I don't even know them. :) Great job as always!

Kodi said...

So crazy that I've met Sara a few times here in Vegas, but never knew here in Palm Springs. Such a small world. Such a darling family. Beautiful job as always.