Monday, October 25, 2010

Shannon and her boys

We did these at a nearby resort, where once again, I was given the boot. That's three for three on my last few locations. Apparently an all-women's group had rented out the whole facility to avoid things like.... David. We think. We assured them (very nicely), that we'd leave in a few minutes while the creepy-soft-voiced passive-aggressive lady looked on. We were asked a second time.... by the hotel-lady... and so we moved.... to the outer part of the grounds where they hopefully wouldn't notice us.

I'm living on the edge. Who knew this "job" would be so RISKY.... (I'm being sarcastic, but the guy that yelled at us from his hermit-home out by the windmills a couple of weeks ago was SO the "I'll get my shotgun if you don't leave" kind of guy.)

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Neztiloy Photography said...

Oh wow...well u got really good photos!! I love your work. I am in Coachella Valley too and trying to learn photography. I don't have my dream camera yet (5D Mark II ) :-( but still trying to learn as much as I can. You r truly an inspiration!! :-)