Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Matt and Kym- Lillie Biesinger- Coachella Valley Wedding Photographer

These two are from Canada. They came out with lots of friends and family for a destination wedding to get out of the cold. It worked. We were still having nice 75 degree weather at the time and I was so excited for the day to be comfortable and lovely. But of course, the weekend of their wedding it shot up to triple digits and was sweltering. Welcome to the desert.

I don't think I heard one complaint. They were soaking up the sunshine and the golf carts and the palm trees and the LOVE in the air. It was a lovely day.


Tess Smith said...


Jennifer said...

Great job! I especially love the pics of the food :) Those strawberries and pineapples look divine... and how about that cupcake tower? Wow.

I did my first wedding a few weeks ago and it was so fun!!! I loved being a part of the magic of the day.

Becky said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.