Sunday, January 8, 2012


I used to blog every shoot, but this past season just didn't allow for it... or maybe it's the third kid... not sure... are days getting shorter and shorter!?

But I feel sorry for anyone who MIGHT actually randomly check this blog--- so neglected. So boring. I'm still not ready to take the time to build a whole photo post-- but thought this GORGEOUS little girl Chaya, might brighten it up a bit.

What I would do for those lashes.. right?


Missy said...

think it might be my favorite photo of yours yet. gorgeous.

love the new look, although I would change the lines a different color. you have never been a "red" person to me, but maybe I'm wrong and it will become you. or you've changed since our days at BYU - ha!

Jessica Reeves said...

Beautiful!! Love the new blog look!