Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Noah Turning One- Coachella Valley Children's Photographer

She got out of the car and of course Noah had fallen fast asleep on the way.... so we took advantage of it and caught a few of him with that perfect, precious, sleepy face... I haven't had that much sleepy luck with newborns... I'll take what I can get!

I love this set of him sleeping on her chest.

This was the first "oh-hello-there. I'm-awake-and- who-are-you?" look.

Honestly, I just never could have guessed how much joy these great big baby eyes could bring me. I'm like 95 percent in love with them, 5 percent jealous. Of a baby? Is that weird?

Maybe like 90/10.

Big tough daddy melting over precious baby. That never gets old.
(I accidentally aligned my pictures right. Lame... the words on the left are driving me CRAZY. But it's too much work to fix. !!)


Ashley said...

These are gorgeous! Great job. What a beautiful family.

missy said...

Love these ones Lillie! Gorgeous family.

Sarie said...

Love the tattoo shot! Lovely photos Lill.