Friday, May 29, 2009

22, 21, 19, and 4. Guess who was the surprise? :) Indio Family Photographer

This is what happened the first time I said, "ok! Get cheek to cheek!"

Then I clarified.

That's right... ALL three of them are leaving on missions for our church soon.... and the proud parents:

Not quite empty nesters with little Ethan back at home... in fact after watching him in action, I'm pretty sure they'll have their hands plenty full. :) With two grown brothers, this little man is TOUGH. But after watching all the laughs and smiles out of him when he was with his brothers and sister, (can you tell how fun they are? Because I didn't fake it somehow in these pictures... they were the real deal) ...I'm pretty sure he'll miss them.

Ummmm, can I just say thank you Amy and fam for laughing with me and not at me when I got us in trouble for trespassing on the train tracks and this "railroad cop", who totally had it out for me (right?), made us listen to him for like 30 minutes while he took down every last detail about us? Thank goodness we were done. Thank goodness you're a laughing family and if you were mad at me I couldn't tell. :) So sorry!

Amy, this is the one where he'd said he'd ticket me if I took a picture of him so I very slyly snapped it as it hung from my neck and a noisy train passed by. Hah.

Good luck Jake, Aaron, and Erika! What an exciting time.


Amy G said...


WE all love these pictures and can't wait to see the rest! You are awesome!!! And We never laughed at you only at the Railroad COP!!! Makes for a great memory! And things like that make life a little more exciting and better stories to tell! Just glad we didn't get a ticket! Thanks again!

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

I love the pictures and I love this family. It made me a little melancholy to think that Ethan is so happy and will be so lonely soon, but it is so awesome they will be able to share this.

Attic Gal Rachelle said...

How fun!