Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby Payton

Remember the rainy day maternity session. Well it's a good thing she persisted in having them done that day regardless of the rain, since she went in to labor just a a few days later (early). Here is the gorgeous, little, doll-faced outcome.

Oops... just realized I repeated a photo in this collage.... oh well... I do love it... she's like "call me!"


Kym said...

Great job, Lillie! One of my favorite things about these pictures is how perfect I think the mama looks. Not too gussied up, but perfectly glowing & comfty - just like a mama with a brand spankin' new baby should look! She's beautiful.


Wow Lillie, I just browsed your blog- you are an incredible photographer. I look at it ever so often, and every time they pictures just get better and better, you truly are gifted and talented, you were meant to take pictures.

Jennifer said...

Lovin the colors in these! You really captured this doll face :)