Sunday, February 21, 2010

My dear friend, Lizzie and her new baby, Elle.

I love Kate's face in this one, Liz. So Kate... still figuring out how she feels about this whole new baby thing.

I was actually in the delivery room when Lizzie had her first baby, Tanner. I was barely pregnant with Sophia and fainted (sort of... it's all a blur... but I remember the nasty smelling thing they stuck under my nose) because of all of the TRAUMA she went through. It was a bad one.

Our kids have been connected, essentially since birth, and I don't think Sophia could forget Tanner if we moved across the world now. I feel permanently and irrevocably connected to her and her precious kids... and am so excited she brought one more beautiful baby girl into the world.


Danielle said...

Lillie, you did such an amazing job! They are all gorgeous. I'm so glad she had you do the pictures.

Brandon or Michelle said...

the tongue out 2nd-to-the-last one was TOTALLY AWESOME! :) my favorite of the group. congrats to lizzie, who I feel like I know a little because of all your adventures together and meeting her for 2 minutes at that pizza place in provo. hooray!

Helena said...

These photos are incredible. All of them.