Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mike and Mel in Laguna

This is my gorgeous sister, Melisa-- and fam. While we attempted photos... WITH my kids in tow and no Ross, a seagull pooped on Mel, the ocean almost pummeled Ivy, Mila screamed for juice for like 15 minutes straight throwing her face down in the sand, a rogue wave attacked ONLY the 12 feet of sand that OUR STUFF covered and almost swept away my camera bag along with all of Mel's stuff.... and they still smiled for my camera. This is what I love about photography. We'll tell whatever story we choose, thanks.

1 comment:

Brandon or Michelle said...

wow. dude, these are so awesome.

one problem though. I just looked in the mirror, and I think I have ivy's haircut. completely adorable on a chunky baby like her, but on a chunky grown-up? hmmm..

love love loved them all. you're a hero.