Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Mads--- Lillie Biesinger: Coachella Valley Family Photographer

Andrea is my age I think? And she has these FOUR beautiful kids! AND... looks like that. I know right?
Three handsome boys and one little princess. One little princess we watched trip and fall in slow motion and bloody her little tiny nose. Yup--- it was awful... luckily we'd gotten a good chunk of the photos done, and mama's fruity lip-gloss all to herself (seen in the first photo) made her happy as pie.
Thanks Andrea and fam--- for the blue eyes, and the hair, and the orange, and the smiles, and the boots-- and for brushing it off like it was nothing when Alivia busted her nose... you're pros.

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Andrea Madsen said...

Ok... LIllie.. You did a wonderful job! Im soo happy with them!! I can't wait to see them all!! You are the best!! Thankss sooooo much! :)