Sunday, November 1, 2009

Did I mention most of my best friends in the world are pregnant? She's one of 'em.

This is Rachelle. aka Miss Chelle. She did the at-home preschool last year that Sophia still begs for. She's got two boys--- that keep her hands ESPECIALLY full (one has autism), and is expecting.... but. another. Boy that is.
You can hold the chubby little girl hands of my Mila any time you need your fem-fix Rachelle... but personally, I can't wait for you to have one more precious boy.


Rachelle said...

I feel a bit silly being the first one to leave a comment, but thank you again for all of this! It was a lot of fun and you know that I think you are a photographer and woman in general!
I love you!

Lizzie said...

These look amazing!!! Rachelle in case you read this, you look absolutely beautiful. These are my most favorite pictures of you. Love you both!

TnD said...

Rachelle looks gorgeous as always. You captured that pregnant glow so well. Can't wait to see that baby boy.