Sunday, January 10, 2010

Have you given any thought to...

A chance to get a GO-jus photo of yourself. Because let's face it, you're never gonna get it spending all your time on that side of the camera. It's your turn to SHINE mama! ;)

No but really. It's a good excuse to get a great photo of yourself in your husbands hands. For his office or just for your records (you're not always going to be this beautiful:)) ... or whatever. If it's something you've always kind of wished you had, act fast. It just occurred to me to offer this (well occurred to me through Bluelily's inspiration I should say) and I didn't leave us tons of time. :)

If interested, contact me at We'll talk clothes, locations, and other fun stuff. ;)

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Wendy said...

So how'd this turn out? So fun, yes? YES! Lillie thanks for coming out, you are so, so cool. I treasure our newfound friendship!