Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A very pregnant Ashley...:)

Well this was tricky since the rain didn't let up like we hoped and Ashley didn't dare reschedule for fear having no more "maternity" to work with.... if you know what I mean.

So we did our best with the light we had amidst the clouds through my windows... and they did let me drag them out in the rain for a few minutes before we surrendered. I get to do her newborn shots soon, and I'm so excited to follow the journey of their baby girl

Thanks for being good sports in the lousy weather guys!


Portia said...

Hey Lillie! I love the baby belly shots, how adorable and I love the rain shots with the cute umbrella, how fun! I hope you are all well over there.. hi from over here! :) Miss ya girl!

Nick said...

It's a good thing we didn't reschedule...I went into labor 4 days later!!

Mike said...

The second most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen. I love you. Dad.