Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Balls- La Quinta CA Family Photographer

I don't think they're the type to mind if I use their actual last name. I was coincidentally doing too many "B" families. I thought it was getting old. Plus, if you only knew them as the "B" family, you wouldn't know the significance of their little guy's name.

Meet Kanon. Uh huh.
I love how a family with a little one (maybe especially with ONE little one) canNOT help but kiss and smoosh and snuggle that thing at all times. I love kisses, so I have to consciously break up my photos here on the blog so you won't think that's REALLY all they did.
But look at that face- and that chin. Do you think you could resist if you were them?


Rachelle said...

Great pics!!!

Lizzie said...

Cute, cute, cute. These are some of my favorites Lillie. I love them. Love the shoe shot, love his jeans (sorry I guess that one doesn't have to do with you), love the baby shot with them kissing. love the one of Kim in front and Dave in the bokeh. Love, love them. Excited to see your blonde, blonde hair. I am so dying to get mine chopped. I have an appt in 5 days and I'm getting it hacked whether the hairdresser likes it or not. (the last 5 appts I've had and asked them to cut it, they pretty much tell me "no, we can't. it's so pretty long. you have to keep it long." blah, blah, blah) I have actually considered hacking it myself because I hate it so much right now. sorry this was an awfully long personal comment on your photo blog. = )

Kym said...

So great! I can't wait to schedule a full family shoot!