Thursday, May 21, 2009

Engaged couples make me happy:) - San Diego this time, but Palm Desert Photographer

This cute couple is from the desert, but the only night they could do it was when I was out here in San Diego, so they drove all the way out! They were excited for the nice weather and the drive. (Remember before kids, when long drives were like a vacation on their own?)
Can you imagine my excitement when they pulled up in this car?! It was hard for me to pull myself away from it to catch the golden field before we lost our light.

Not a good idea to shoot a newly engaged couple when you're apart from your husband. I planned on not missing him this trip-- too little time and too much to do in this great place!... but watching the way these two looked at eachother.... it was the real deal. Made me miss mine.


alliehoopes said...

hey there motivated. they are so cute. when did i get old enough to feel like the people getting engaged are cute little kids? and why couldn't there be some sort of time warp allie coming to me from the future telling me to get better engagement picture than standing by a tree. and a fence. like we're cowboys. just because we're from wyoming (grrr). and that's how i felt about the bachelorette.

Julia said...

oh my gosh - what a great car - love the pic of the car and the yellow stripe of the road.

Jenie said...

Hey Lillie!!! I don't remember what you do to make the thimg im the front stand out and then the things in the background all blurry. Some things just go in one ear and out the other!!! :) Anyway, see you tomorrow!!!