Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Believe it or not... another "B family". San Diego Family Photographer- Palm Springs Family Photographer.

This is the brother of one of Ross' best friends from college. We got linked up through this crazy, small blogging world, and I got to get to know them and their family a little better while shooting their photos in Coronado last week. I FINALLY got to do a family at the beach! (they asked for ideas and I very subtly offered one option... :) Thanks Maria!) They just moved to San Diego from Georgia, so it seemed appropriate that they document their new life on the west coast. Coast, being the operative and wonderful word.

How about the cheeks on that one (above) !! Can you imagine why I would have a soft spot for her??? Here at the Biesinger house, we like some big cheeks on our babes.


Anonymous said...

really, really great pictures - I'm sure they're going to have trouble deciding which ones they like best.

Sunshine said...

I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!! Maybe cause I'm partial to the family. Give a call next time you guys are in San Diego. I've got good bribes (front row seats at the Padres), if that's what it takes to see you!!

S.A.S. said...

Oh, that little blonde with the cheeks.. I could eat her up. And the colors are beautiful - whites and blues and sandy tones. Love them!